The Asiekpe 22T4 Transformer Bay Project was successfully completed by the staff of the Akosombo Area. The project aimed to address the overload situation faced by the 22T1 transformer, which supplied power to the Ho to Kadjebi corridor.

In Phase One, two Dead Tank Circuit Breakers were installed to parallel the 22T1 and 22T2 transformers, utilizing the spare capacity of the 22T2 transformer. Phase Two involved the installation of a new 33MVA transformer (22T4) and associated infrastructure, dedicating the 22T1 and 22T2 transformers to the Ho to Kadjebi corridor and the 22T4 transformer to the Sogakope corridor. Despite challenges and periodic halts, the project was completed after some two years. The maintenance team worked diligently, fabricating and assembling the necessary structures and ensuring safe power evacuation. The project’s success was attributed to the team’s commitment, innovative problem-solving, and leveraging their expertise.

The project resulted in increased transformation capacity, sufficient power supply for customers, and improved flexibility for maintenance activities. The Akosombo Area Manager, Ing. Job Aziaku, supported by various teams, played a crucial role in leading the project to fruition.

The entire GRIDCo community acknowledged and praised the team’s efforts.