Akosombo Area Team Commended for Driving In-house Asiekpe Substation Project

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It was a very lively session, when the Chief Executive and his team touched down in the Akosombo Area for its annual series of GRIDCo Area Tours at the start of the year. For two hours, Akosombo Area staff put forward issues of pertinence, such as staffing, resources and rewards, which require attention for the

Kick-Off Meeting for Telecom Component of SCADACOM Upgrade Project Held

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On January 9, 2023, GRIDCo successfully held a Kick-Off Meeting with Hitachi Energy Switzerland Limited for the Telecommunications Component of the project to upgrade the Corporate SCADA Network Manager System and Telecommunication Network for GRIDCo.The Project duration will be for twelve (12) months, and will be managed by the relevant GRIDCo Stakeholder Departments. Upon completion,

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