On January 9, 2023, GRIDCo successfully held a Kick-Off Meeting with Hitachi Energy Switzerland Limited for the Telecommunications Component of the project to upgrade the Corporate SCADA Network Manager System and Telecommunication Network for GRIDCo.

The Project duration will be for twelve (12) months, and will be managed by the relevant GRIDCo Stakeholder Departments.

Upon completion, the Project will improve the reliability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of GRIDCo’s operations with increased bandwidth on its telecommunication network to support power system applications, such as Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA), Teleprotection, Telephony, and Telemetry for the operation of the National Interconnected Transmission System (NITS).

The upgrade would also enable the full operationalisation of GRIDCo’s Wide Area Network (WAN) to support the delivery of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and other services, such as CCTV to work as expected to facilitate security, reliability and accurate data gathering in a timely manner.