The GRIDLASS Executive organised its inaugural Edu-Talk on August 30, 2023, as part of its second-quarter initiatives. The event focused on the theme “Early Detection of Childhood Disabilities.”

Lady Azara Amadu, President of GRIDLASS, emphasised the importance of the discussion, acknowledging the challenges corporate executives face in balancing work and family responsibilities. The Edu-Talk, derived from “Educational Talk,” aims to address these challenges, recognizing the need for sensitisation discussions to help women manage the complexities of work, family, and emotions.

The guest speaker, Ms. Gifty Ayoka, a certified Speech and Language Therapist and CEO of the Talking Tipps Africa Foundation, delivered a presentation on “Childhood Disabilities; The Role of Corporate Institutions.” Her primary focus was on autism, a condition with no distinct physical characteristics, making early detection challenging. She highlighted behavioral signals that could indicate autism, including delayed speech and difficulties with eye contact.

Key points from her presentation included understanding special needs, defining disability and its causes, intervention strategies, the role of corporate bodies in mitigating disabilities’ impact, providing long-term support for parents of children with disabilities, and discussing specific conditions like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and Stammering.

The interactive Q&A session further enriched participants’ understanding of the topic.