The Prestea Area maintenance team on August 29, 2022, successfully rehabilitated and commissioned one of the two Auto Transformers, 10T8, which was idle for about five years, due to a faulty Circuit Breaker 10T8K at the Prestea 225kV substation.

In addition, two new circuit breakers, 10T8K and 10T8D, three new disconnect switches, 10T8K-K Pantograph, 10T8D-D and 10T8D-T8 Centre-Breaks, were installed to replace defective ones. The works were carried out to revamp the 225kV interconnection with Compagnie Ivoirenne d’Electricite (CIE), to ensure the stability and reliability of the National Interconnected Transmission System (NITS).

The works were done in-house by the Electrical Maintenance (EMS), Protection & Control (P&C) and Operating Sections.