Ahead of the commencement of the 2023 Annual Safety Celebration, The Weekly Transmitter (TWT), GRIDCo’s weekly newsletter, caught up with the Manager of Health & Safety, Mr. Eric Koduah (EK) for brief interview, as below;

TWT: The 2023 Safety Week is upon us. What is going to be unique about this year’s celebrations?

EK: The 2023 Safety Week celebration has its aim centered on five main activities.

i. Annual Interdepartmental Safety Quiz Competition:

The Safety Quiz is organised by the Safety Management Section of the Technical Services Department (TSD) to arouse the Occupational Safety and Health awareness of employees. Slated for Takoradi, the Quiz will examine the knowledge of various representatives on the Company’s Safety rules, procedures, and understanding of various safety topics treated in the year under review.

ii. Safety Walk

The highlight of this activity is the family fun-filled day package. Staff are encouraged to bring their wards to join in the experience of undertaking a 10-km walk. During the walk, efforts will be made to educate stakeholders along the route, on the role of GRIDCo in the Electricity supply industry and the dangers associated with Right of Way encroachment.

iii. Breast Cancer Awareness

In collaboration with the GRIDCo Ladies Association (GRIDLASS), there will be a breast cancer awareness programme with sensitisation presentations and breast screening exercises at the Head Office and across all GRIDCo’s Operational Areas. The climax will be an Edu-Talk session with a breast cancer survivor.

iv. Safety Health and Culture Awareness

Acknowledging the theme for the 2023 World Safety Day Celebration – “A safe and healthy working environment, a fundamental principle and right at work” – the Safety Management Section has taken the initiative to improve housekeeping; install safety signages; develop and install fire evacuation plans and conduct routine fire drills at all work locations for the rest of the year and beyond.

v. Corporate Safety Durbar/Awards (WASACO Awards):

These awards will reward the various Operational and Non-Operational Areas for their safety performance in the year under review. Indicators, such as Attendance at Safety Meetings; WASACO Meetings; Safety Inspections conducted; Safety Audit recommendations implemented, and the Safety culture of the Area, are used to assess the various Areas/departments.

TWT: As part of the activities, there is a focus on Breast Cancer Awareness from 16th to 20th October. Why is this so?

EK: The alarming statistics have deemed it necessary for the ‘’noise” on Breast cancer awareness this year. About 4,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, with 70% of them diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer by the time it is identified.

While it affects 1 out of 8 women, it only affects 1 out of 1000 men and it’s most common in women over the age of 50. Thus the need to create awareness on the risk factors, share prevention tips (related to appropriate lifestyle choices) for early detection and encourage staff to participate in all sensitisation programmes.

TWT: Could you share details of the Safety Team’s collaborations with any groups or entities for the 2023 Safety Celebrations?

EK: Collaborations for the Safety Week celebration will be in two main categories: internal and external.

Internally, the Safety Management Section will liaise with the GRIDCo Ladies Association (GRIDLASS), the Right of Way Protection and Management Team, the Facilities Section, and the various Work Area Safety Committees (WASACO) for various activities.

Externally, GRIDCo will collaborate with the Ghana National Fire Service and Ghana Health Service for specific activities.

TWT: What do you want staff to have imbibed at the end of the celebrations?

EK: At the end of the 2023 Safety Week celebration, staff would recognise that not only is it an annual event on the corporate calendar, but also an occasion to promote safe work practices, engage with stakeholders, interact with colleague employees, assess our safety performance, and develop a strategy for continuous improvement.

We also want staff to be reminded of our mantra: “No Emergency is So Great that We Can Not Take Our Time to Do it Safely.”

The Safety Management Section seizes this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of all Safety Coordinators and Safety Representatives for their immense contribution towards the organisation of this event.

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