The Bolga Area Office hosted a delegation from SONABEL on 19th September 2023 to inspect the completion of works on the 82T3 transformer, which has since been installed and energised at the Nayagnia Sub-Station.

The journey towards this achievement commenced with the meticulous assembly of essential components for the restoration process, including radiators, cooling fans, and bushings. Wiring the protection circuit was a critical step, followed by a battery of tests to ensure the transformer’s efficiency and reliability. These tests included oil-dissolved gas analysis, dielectric strength assessments, and power factor evaluations.

Before the final restoration, comprehensive pre-commissioning checks were conducted, including the re-calibration of instruments and rigorous testing of control devices. Special attention was given to the main transformer tank with oil treatment and filling. Subsequently, an application for re-energization was submitted, signifying the transformer’s readiness for operation.

The successful re-energization of Transformer 82T3 is a testament to the technical expertise and unwavering dedication of GRIDCo’s engineers, who consistently demonstrate excellence and commitment in their work. The restoration process exemplifies how GRIDCo’s team revived Transformer 82T3, ensuring its continued role in powering communities and industries, including our neighbouring country, Burkina Faso.