During a two-day working visit to the Western Region, Ing. Ebenezer Kofi Essienyi, Chief Executive of GRIDCo, along with the Management team and representatives from the Takoradi Operational Area, led by Ing. Solomon Mensah, met with the Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Osei Akoto Arthur, and his team.

The purpose of the meeting was for Ing. Essienyi to formally introduce himself to DCOP Arthur, as they had not met since he assumed the position of Chief Executive. Additionally, they aimed to discuss important matters concerning the protection of GRIDCo’s transmission lines and assets in the Region.

DCOP Arthur mentioned that, his office and the District Commanders have been in communication with GRIDCo’s Takoradi Operational Area team for some time now, which laid the groundwork for the meeting.

The discussions mainly revolved around establishing a collaborative approach to ensure the security of GRIDCo’s transmission lines and assets in the region. The GRIDCo leadership expressed gratitude to the police for their efforts in conducting security patrols along the Essiama to Elubo section of the line, which had experienced incidents of vandalism. In response, DCOP Arthur assured the delegation that the police would take the matter seriously and do their utmost to protect this essential national asset.

Ing. Essienyi reaffirmed Management’s commitment to supporting the collaboration with the police in safeguarding GRIDCo’s infrastructure in the Region.