Under the auspices of the States Interests and Governance Authority, The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) recently took its turn at the State of the Agencies report at the Ministry of Information.

Chief Executive, Ing. Ebenezer Essienyi’s presentation focused on “The State of the National Grid”. He also shared additional information on GRIDCo’s operational performance, Project updates such as the $60m EBID, and $116m KfW projects.

The presentation also shared light on some of the challenging aspects of GRIDCo’s business, such as Right of Way obstructions, the impact of galamsey operators, who dig around the towers and also steal steel members, as well as overgrown vegetation along the lines.

The media, who were in attendance, asked questions about the GHC2.7 billion legacy debt owed GRIDCo, and how this impacts the Company. Ing. Essienyi explained that the government is making efforts to address the debt overhang, whiles a system is in place to facilitate current payment.

In attendance were the Deputy Information Minister, Hon. Fatima Abubakar, together with other officials from the Ministry of Information and its Press Corps, as well as the GRIDCo Management Team and some staff at the Monday 12th February briefing.