The Ghana Grid Company Ltd. (GRIDCo) on November 3, 2022 handed over a 24km section of the 161kV Konongo to Kumasi (J2K) Transmission Line to the contractor, Energy Ventures (GH) Limited (EVL).

In a brief hand over meeting between officials of GRIDCo and Contractors EVL, Mr. Ebenezer W. Oakley, Construction Supervisor, presented the scope of works as: reconstruction of a 24km portion of J2K transmission line from the Kumasi Substation to Adadientem in the Ashanti region as a double circuit with twin bundle tern conductor. He indicated that the reconstruction of the 24km J2K Line is scheduled to be completed in Twelve (12) months (starting November 2022 to October 2023). Mr. Oakley reiterated that the 24km J2K reconstruction is required to provide an alternate route of linking the Kumasi Substation to the Anwomaso substation to ensure reliable power supply to Kumasi and its environs, to facilitate the reconstruction of the 161kV Anwomaso to Kumasi ( AW1K) transmission line, which is currently the only transmission line between Kumasi and Anwomaso for which funding is available until 2026.

Mr. Oakley urged the contractor to submit the work program to GRIDCo to facilitate effective execution of all the phases of work required.

Importantly, the Contractor is expected to carry out decommissioning works in a manner to salvage the tower members (especially cross arms), fittings and conductors.

The 24km J2K line section to be reconstructed traverses nineteen (19) communities in the Ashanti Region for which the GRIDCo Corporate Communications and Right of Way (RoW) Protection Sections carried out a community sensitiation exercise from Sunday October 30, 2022 to Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

The community engagements were preceded by the dispatching of letters to critical stakeholders like the Ashanti Region Coordinating Council, MMDCE’s and Assembly Members.

Present at the meeting were Ing. Bismark Annane-Oppong, Ag. Director, Northern Network Department (NND); Ing. Peter Acquah, Area Manager, Kumasi Area; a cross section of staff from the Engineering Department, NND Line Maintenance, RoW Protection and Corporate Communications Sections and two representatives from the Contractor Energy Ventures (GH) Limited (EVL).