The College of Engineering of KNUST and the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), have had discussions about ways in which GRIDCo could play a stronger collaborative role in the training and support for engineers trained by the College.

Prof. Kwabena Britwum Nyarko, the Provost, College of Engineering, engaged the Management Team of GRIDCo, led by Chief Executive Ing. Ebenezer Kofi Essienyi, with the support of staff of the Kumasi Area staff.

Prof. Nyarko pointed to 4 areas of interest, where GRIDCo could impactfully support the College of Engineering. These are:

  • Proposed construction of a proposed innovation building to be dubbed GRIDCo Centre of Excellence.
  • Providing Adjunct Lecturers.
  • Accelerated Masters Programme.

GRIDCo has already been supportive of the KNUST’s Endowment Fund, and continues to provide internship training for which Prof. Nyarko and his team expressed appreciation to GRIDCo.

After discussions, the Provost, together with the Dean of Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. Abdul-Rahman Ahmed, provided the GRIDCo Management Team with a tour of Levine Hall at the College for which support is required and a piece of land allocated to host the proposed GRIDCo Centre of Excellence.

The two groups also provided a guided tour of the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (R.A.I.L.). It is a centre focused on Artificial Intelligence development and training. Led by Prof. Jerry John Kponyo, Principal Investigator and Scientific Director said, the objective of the RAIL Centre hopes to address the skills gap in AI within the sub-region by training professionals on the practical use of and responsible application of AI to respond to challenges in various sectors within the sub-region and beyond.

The College of Engineering has maintained a reputation for quality training over half a century and has been at the forefront of preparing manpower to support the technological and engineering advancement of KNUST, Ghana, and beyond.