The Land Management Department’s Right-Way (RoW) Sensitisation Programme has commenced in the Western Region.

The planned engagements will be held in all of GRIDCo’s nine (9) Operational and Sub-Areas, as well as the Head Office, to educate and inform staff of the newly approved RoW Policy.

In the week of 27th May, 2024, the team held two sessions in the Prestea and Takoradi Areas, both in the Western Region.

Presentations on the new ROW Management Policy were led by the Manager, Vegetation Control, Ing. Kafui Kportufe who indicated that the new policy is aimed at improving how GRIDCo’s Right-of -Way Management will be implemented, and the role of staff in its execution.

The question-and-answer (Q & A) session was very lively, as some staff who work in Line Management Section sought clarity on issues raised during the presentation.

Below are the highlights of some interactions captured in the Q&A session.

Question: “Does permissible use include cemeteries? If so, what if graves cave in and harm linesmen?”

Ans: At the land acquisition stage we will avoid lands earmarked for cemeteries and other sensitive sites.

Question: “Does the policy allow an employee to farm under the transmission towers?”

Ans: It could apply so far as the crops are captured under permissible use.

Question: “Would area patrols on the RoW be manual with the new policy?”

Ans: Drones have been acquired to aid in patrolling the Right of Way. A group of staff has just completed training in this regard. The drones will be used to capture the various scenes. Subsequently, the RoW Protection Team will analyse the footage gathered and take action if need be.

Question: “How do you intend to collaborate with the District Assemblies to ensure that permits for construction works are streamlined?”

Ans: Our stakeholder relationship plan makes provision for periodic meetings with these Assemblies and other interest groups to ensure that policy requirements are strictly adhered to.

Other staff also urged the Land Management Department (LMD) and the Sensitisation Team to keep their doors open to allow for further engagements with the Operational Areas. They noted that this will ensure a smooth implementation of the policy and also help to address challenges faced by the respective Line Maintenance Teams.

On behalf of the Land Management Department (LMD) the RoW Sensitisation Team expresses its appreciation to the Managers for Prestea Area [Ing. Abraham Doku] and Takoradi Area [Ing. Solomon Mensah] and all staff who participated in the programme.

The programme, which has been dubbed “RIGHT-OF-WAY ON WHEELS” proceeds to the Northern Network Department (NND) on Monday 10th June, 2024.