The move is because GRIDCo’s network of transmission lines spans across the length and breadth of Ghana, evacuating power from remote generating stations to customers. For this reason, GRIDCo undertakes the acquisition of land for power projects to facilitate the construction, operation, and maintenance of the transmission line infrastructure.

Legislative Instrument (LI) 542, grants GRIDCo the right to keep the area under and around transmission lines clear of any activity that may interfere with the safe and reliable operation of the National Interconnected Transmission System (NITS).

However, increasing demands for land use, largely for commercial activities in the metropolis; fast vegetation growth, and illegal mining activities have made it extremely difficult to secure and maintain the integrity of the RoW and ensure public safety. If unmitigated, this will give rise to severe economic, social, and environmental risks.

The new Right-of-Way Management Policy, therefore, seeks to ensure that, GRIDCo;

➢ efficiently and effectively manages its Right-of-Way to secure the integrity of the transmission line infrastructure.

➢ prevents interruptions to the transmission lines caused by vegetation or human activity.

➢ appropriately acquires its lands for the efficient conduct of business, while considering the legal, socio-economic, cultural, and environmental factors to minimise the adverse impact on stakeholders and the wider community.

➢ maintains unobstructed access and tracks to transmission line infrastructure for ease of maintenance work.

➢ works collaboratively with and through all stakeholders affiliated with the Right-of-Way to build stronger relationships between the public and the communities within which it operates.

The policy covers land acquired by GRIDCo for power transmission, substations, office buildings, and residential facilities.

The engagements will commence on Monday 27th May, 2024 at the Prestea Operational Area, then to the Takoradi Area on Tuesday 28th May, 2024.