It has been three (3) years since the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) partnered the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to train and drive women’s inclusivity in the Company. The effort is in line with SDG 5 – “Achieving Gender Equality”, which calls for full participation and equal opportunities for women at all levels.

A summary review of progress made in GRIDCo’s Engendering Industries programme, indicates that GRIDCo is being deliberate about growing women’s presence and participation at the leadership level because it is integrating gender into its business strategy.

The four-person USAID delegation was led by Ms. Khumo Mochethi who lauded GRIDCo’s progress by having more women, particularly in the engineering and operations spaces. She indicated that the next stage is motivating male colleagues to support the engendering programme for success.

Ms. Florence Agyei, Director of Human Resource, thanked the USAID Team for their work and their collaboration saying, “we are on a journey, we keep growing, we keep learning, it is an energy company and I look forward to the day that we have a female CEO”.

The USAID Engendering Industries programme rolled out in 2015 however, GRIDCo became a partner in 2019. The programme seeks to achieve:

Empowerment of Women; Improve Women’s Workplace Participation and Deployment of best practice framework for male-dominated work environments.