Mr. Augustus Cole, Advisor, Public Financial Management at the Commonwealth Secretariat undertook discussions with GRIDCo, to offer Trainer of Trainers Capacity building on an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Manual that is being developed for adoption by the Commonwealth member states.

The Mission from Monday 31st October to Friday 4th November 2022 was also aimed at equipping the ERM team within GRIDCo to employ the said manual in delivering future capacity-building assignments and sharing ERM experience in-country and with other Commonwealth member states.

The Secretariat developed the Commonwealth Enterprise Risk Management Capacity Building Manual earlier this year to train ERM Practitioners. The ERM manual development is in pursuit of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s objective of strengthening Public Financial Management (PFM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) through technical assistance.

In an interaction with the CE, Ing. Ebenezer Kofi Essienyi, Mr. Cole commended GRIDCo for its strides in embedding ERM as part of its governance practices. GRIDCo was selected for the Mission based on its ERM performance and maturity and participation in previous Commonwealth ERM exchange learning programmes. The Chief Executive expressed his delight in the collaboration and technical assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat and pledged GRIDCo’s readiness to share its lessons learnt with other entities within the Commonwealth in their quest to support ERM implementation.

On his part, Mr. Richard Ntim, Director, Internal Audit, indicated that as an early adopter of ERM in Ghana, GRIDCo has benefited from the opportunity ERM offers in developing a risk-focused culture and a compliant organization.

Drawing from their extensive experience in the GRIDCo ERM process, Messrs. Zumasigee, Manager, Monitoring and Financial Audits and Nkrumah, Manager, IT and Management Audits, shared their observations and highlighted opportunities for improvement.

Mr. Samuel Kow Acquah, Manager, Strategy, Risk and Compliance, shared that beyond embedding ERM in GRIDCo’s Strategic Planning Process, it is realigning its budgeting to be risk-focused. “This will ensure that all the risks linked to our corporate priorities are taken care of in our budgets to offer opportunities for growth and cost containment, he noted.”

The GRIDCo Team comprised, Mr. Richard Ntim, Director, Internal Audit; Mr. Joseph D. Zumasigee, Manager, Monitoring & Financial Audits; Mr. Samuel K. Acquah, Manager, Strategy, Risk and Compliance; Mr. Benjamin Nkrumah, Manager, Management & IT Audits and Mr. Ben Eyifah, Principal Risk Officer.