Dear Colleagues,

I extend to you, warm greetings from IIA Ghana. It is an honour to interact with you all, as we are just on the verge of commencing the 2024 Internal Audit Awareness Month. I implore you to participate in creating awareness for our profession.

The Internal Audit Awareness Month is an important occasion for internal auditors worldwide, as it gives us a unique opportunity to highlight our profession’s significance and crucial role in organisations. It serves as a reminder of our commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and excellence in our work.

During this month-long celebration, we must jointly raise awareness about the value we bring to our organisations. Through the various activities and events we organise, we have the power to educate, inform, and engage others about the importance of sound internal controls, risk management, and governance practices.

As you anticipate additional communication from the advocacy committee of the IIA Ghana, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of Internal Audit Awareness Month:

1. Participation in the 2024 National Internal Audit and Governance Conference:

The IIA Ghana’s annual Internal Audit and Governance Conference takes place from 8-10 May 2024 at UPSA, Accra. As part of your awareness month plans, register and participate in this event that brings internal auditors together. Together with your internal auditors, come along with other stakeholders of your organisation.

2. Knowledge-sharing Sessions: Arrange interactive sessions where members can share their expertise and insights on trending topics in internal audit. This can include webinars, panel discussions, and workshops.

3. Engage with stakeholders: Reach out to key stakeholders within your organisation, discuss their expectations from the internal audit, and demonstrate how internal audit adds value to the various functions of your organisation. Showcasing successful case studies or hosting forums for discussion and feedback can be effective in fostering a better understanding of our role.

4. Social Media Campaign: Utilise various social media platforms to raise awareness about Internal Audit Awareness Month and share informative content that promotes the importance of internal audit in organisations. Engage with your audience through interactive posts, quizzes, or polls.

5. Volunteer Initiatives: I encourage you to participate in community service initiatives that represent the principles and values of our profession. Such services can include conducting financial literacy workshops, offering pro bono consulting, or partnering with nonprofits to strengthen their internal controls.

As you carry out these awareness month activities, kindly share your pictures, videos and other memoirs of your celebration with IIA Ghana. The efforts of the organisations that carry out the most outstanding awareness month events will be appreciated. Should you require the institute to support you with resource persons to be part of your stakeholder engagement, kindly contact the Secretariat for assistance.

The success of Internal Audit Awareness Month relies on our collective participation and dedication. By celebrating this occasion, we can enhance the visibility and recognition of our profession, ensuring that it continues to evolve and thrive.

Therefore, let us join forces to celebrate the 2024 Internal Audit Awareness Month in a grand style and make a lasting impact on our profession.

Thank you for your commitment, passion, and contribution to internal audit. Together, we can raise awareness and build a brighter future for this profession.

Warm regards,


Joseph Dakora Zumasigee, CIA

President, IIA Ghana