In collaboration with the Human Resource Department, GRIDCo’s Safety Management Team has taken Safety Coordinators through the second phase of the Occupational Safety and Health Academy (OSHA) Training Programme. The programme, which was held at the Plush Royal Hotel, Adenta from 12th to 15th June 2023, was facilitated by Macbens Multi-Resources Ltd. It incorporated lectures, interactive discussions, case studies and class exercises. Topics covered included Safety Management System Evaluation; Safety Supervision; Personal Protective Equipment; Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health, etc. Having successfully completed the training, Safety Coordinators will be required to provide training on the knowledge acquired, to other staff in their Sections and Work Areas.

This training is in line with Management’s commitment to ensure that Safety Coordinators are certified by an internationally recognised body, to promote their self-confidence and importantly, ensure a safe work environment for all employees. Additionally, the Training Programme was to enable all participants gain a better understanding of their functions as Safety Coordinators, as stated in the GRIDCo Safety Handbook.

Officially opening the training programme, Ing, Eric Frimpong Koduah, Safety Manager, commended Management for the continuous efforts to boost safety in the Company. He mentioned that the training, will among other things, enhance the GRIDCo Brand; improve the competency level of the front-line Safety personnel; help the Safety Coordinators and Safety Management Team to evaluate all GRIDCo’s existing safety management systems in line with internal practices and consolidate GRIDCo’s diversification drive, spearheaded by the GRIDConsult Section. Importantly, Ing. Koduah encouraged all the Safety Coordinators to be abreast with some of the methodologies for evaluating and monitoring safety management systems, among others, to maintain GRIDCo’s status as very safe place for its staff and stakeholders.

Course participants also undertook a written test. Successful candidates will be presented with an embossed programme certificate from the Occupational Safety and Health Academy, USA.

Phase One of the Occupational Safety and Health Academy (OSHA) Training Programme was held in June 2022 in a similar manner.

By virtue of the potentially dangerous environment it executes its mandate in, GRIDCo has spared no effort to inculcate occupational health and safety-consciousness in its staff. Some of these efforts include, the provision of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for various work schedules; regularly holding Safety Meetings [during which various health topics, ranging from, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to firefighting, etc., are treated]; holding Annual Safety Durbars and regularly training Safety Coordinators.