A team of trainers from the Engendering Industries USAID took selected Managers through a day-long training on gender and related issues on Monday, 23rd January 2023, in GRIDCO’s Procurement Conference Room. This practical and interactive session was interspersed with group work and outdoor activities. At the end of the training session, participants left edified with a better understanding of the word “gender”; sexual harassment and related issues, as well as the power driving our behaviours, thoughts, attitudes etc.

In her opening Remarks, the Coordinator for the Engendering Industries Programme, Mrs. Emily Otoo Asare, Manager, Knowledge Management, said Management is committed to ensuring that a conducive business environment is created to promote gender equality at all levels to sustain GRIDCo’s business, hence our partnership with USAID in the Engendering Utilities Programme.

Mr. Augustin Kimonyo, one of the trainers, facilitated an interesting and insightful session. He asked male participants, questions on women-related issues and vice versa.

Among the many questions, he asked male participants “how men could support women to progress at the workplace”. Ing. Hussaini Adams, Manager of Network Maintenance, Southern Network Department, noted that “GRIDCo is working hard to create equity for women. However, it must be well-structured, policy-based, backed by technology, with continuous review, so that we can get the best out of everybody, ensuring that the Company succeeds”.

Commenting on the same subject, Mr. Alex Amissah, Manager, Organisational Development and Performance Management (ODPM), suggested that “every woman should be given the environment to make her feel that ‘yes she can’!”. In contributing to the discussion, Ms. Khumo Mochethi, the Lead Trainer, emphasised the importance of getting women involved in whatever systems of change, which the organisation initiates, to ensure its success.

Continuing the discussion, Mr. Kimonyo asked female participants “What they think men need to understand better about them?” Ms. Harriet Owusu-Banie, an Electrical Engineer with the Engineering Department, said “men need to understand that as women, we are different physically. However, we can do our best when we are given the opportunity”. She continued by saying “men have to know who the woman as an individual is, then they can deal with us better”. Harriet explained that this can be achieved when men and women keep engaging on all issues. Mrs. Ama Benstiwaa Haywood-Dadzie, the Board Secretary, added that there is the need for men to understand that “Affirmative Action does not mean that standards are being lowered for women. Rather, it is about giving women equal opportunity to perform.”

Mrs. Otoo-Asare reminded the training participants of their mandate to champion transformational change – which we so much desire as a Company – in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 – “Achieving Gender Equality”. The training team consisted of Ms. Khumo Mochethi, Emma Edwards, Cody Ragonese and Augustin Kimonyo.